Sara Rini, Chairperson
Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois
E-Mail: Sara Rini

Edd and Collette Bockman
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin
E-Mail: Ed Bockman or Ed & Collette Bockman

Jo-Anne Dominick
Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire,
Vermont, Rhode Island and Maine
Email: Jo-Anne Dominik

Doug and Maria Cummins
South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa
Telephone: 402-781-9688
E-Mail: Doug Cummins

Jerry and Anita Liebl
Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin
Telephone: 414-329-1373
E-Mail: Jerry and Anita Liebl

Al and Diana Rymarz
Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana
Telephone: 601-722-0208
E-Mail: Al and Diana Rymarz

Russ and Karen Tesarz
North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
Telephone: 704-721-0994
E-Mail: Russ Tesarz or Karen Tesarz

William and Carol Kirk
Florida and Georgia
Telephone: 850-321-0010 leave message or text for Rescue assistance
E-Mail: William and Carol Kirk

Ted Traczewski
Missouri and Kansas
Phone: 660) 259-4342 (office)
(660) 259-2318 (home)
(660) 232-3724 (cell)
E-Mail: Ted Traczewski

If any one is interested in participating in the Tatra Rescue Group, please contact any of the Officer's or Board Members. (Contact information is listed in the Officers and Board Members section of this issue.)

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